Weiss Ratings and Chinese analysts disagree …

Weiss Ratings and Chinese analysts disagree over fair evaluation of EOS

The China Information Technology Industry Development Center (CCID) has once again preferred EOS over other cryptocurrency projects. The second place is taken by Ethereum, and the top three in the new rating is closed by TRON. These two cryptocurrencies have swapped places relative to the previous release. Bitcoin climbed two ranks with only a small increase in total points and surpassed XLM and Qtum, which this time were rated lower.

TRON CEO Justin Sun shared the details of the fifteenth issue of the cryptocurrency rating from Chinese analysts on Twitter. Traditionally, CCID experts evaluate blockchain projects in terms of manufacturability, practical significance and innovativeness..

Employees of the Weiss rating agency have a different opinion about the level of EOS. They recently announced that they are downgrading EOS from “B” to “C-“. Explaining such a dramatic change, they noted that the rating model is based not on someone’s personal opinion, but on data, “and this data caused the decline.”.

The main reason was the problem of centralization of EOS. According to analysts, the 100 largest addresses in the EOS system control 68% of the voting rights. They also mention recent problems with the distribution of resources in the network of the seventh largest cryptocurrency, due to which it became virtually impossible to carry out transactions in it..

Weiss Ratings and Chinese Analysts Diverge ...

In the near future, Weiss Ratings analysts promise to release a detailed article analyzing the current shortcomings of EOS.

The differences in ratings can be explained by Weiss Ratings’ particular attention to the nature of networks and the problems of their centralization, while Chinese analysts attach great importance to other factors, although they do not fully disclose their methodology..

Weiss Ratings and Chinese analysts disagree ...