TRON Prepares for Odyssey 3.6 Update – Improvements …

TRON Prepares for Odyssey 3.6 Update – Improvements and Tweaks

The main network of the TRON blockchain project will be updated to version 3.6, according to the TRON Foundation.

Odyssey 3.6 will contain new features aimed at simplifying the process of creating decentralized applications, as well as updated mechanisms to protect the network from intruders.

According to the TRON Foundation, one of the goals of the update is to “implement a lighter weight built-in event server that will make the process of configuring custom event services more convenient for developers of decentralized applications”.

In addition, the Tron developers are preparing to “strengthen data verification at the protocol level in order to prevent malicious data from entering the chain” and “add transaction permission settings for users” that can be used, for example, when creating multi-signatures.

A number of other technical improvements are also foreseen, including the addition of new instructions to the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM), optimization of the P2P network and the block / transaction transfer process to further improve TRON’s scalability..

TRON Prepares for Odyssey 3.6 Update - Improvements ...

TRON Foundation points out that when updating their network, they take into account the interests of developers who can use the protocol and the project virtual machine when creating applications for themselves and for the wider community..

TRON CEO Justin Sun, meanwhile, is polling Twitter followers on how they should celebrate their Independence Day on June 25th – the day that TRON’s mainnet was launched last year. Sun cites livestreaming, Twitter campaigns, a music festival, and meetup as possible scenarios..

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