The UK authorities will sell the cryptocurrency confiscated from the hacker …

UK authorities to sell $ 1.1 million seized cryptocurrency from hacker

The hacker responsible for attacks on well-known brands such as Uber, Sainsbury’s and Groupon was forced to part with crypto assets worth £ 922,978.14, Sky News reported this Friday..

The operation, codenamed “Draba”, was conducted for two years. It led to the seizure of illegally obtained funds of 27-year-old Grant West, who lived in the English county of Kent.

West operated on the darknet under the pseudonym Courvoisier and primarily used phishing e-mail attacks to collect financial information from tens of thousands of clients of large companies and then sell them on illegal marketplaces..

West’s victims included customers of Argos, Nectar, Labdrokes, Coral Betting and supermarket chain Asda, among others. He is also responsible for hacking the systems of the British Cardiovascular Society..

West began trading on the darknet in March 2015 and was able to complete approximately 47,000 transactions. He also sold marijuana and manuals teaching him how to do what he did..

Between July and December 2015, he conducted a phishing campaign on behalf of the British food delivery service Just Eat. The hacker was unable to access the company’s financial information, but his actions cost Just Eat £ 200,000.

The UK authorities will sell the cryptocurrency confiscated from the hacker ...

To carry out the attacks, West used his girlfriend’s laptop, where he also stored data of over 100,000 people. At West’s place of residence, the police found an SD card containing 78 million usernames and passwords of users of various services, as well as 63,000 records with information about bank cards. Together with the cryptocurrency, £ 25,000 in cash and half a kilogram of marijuana were seized from him.

West was taken into custody in September 2017 and sentenced to 10 years and 8 months in prison last May. He pleaded guilty on 10 episodes, including two episodes of conspiracy to commit fraud and two episodes of possession of property acquired by criminal means.

The seized cryptocurrency will be sold, and the proceeds will go to compensate the victims of West.