The creators of Brave threaten with legal consequences …

Brave creators threaten legal consequences for the developers of their software fork

The Brave Software company behind the browser of the same name and the Basic Attention Token (BAT) has sent a legal warning to the developer of the fork of its software.

The founder of the NOS platform, Dean van Dugteren, who is involved in the development of the new project, explained that the warning is aimed at participants whose identities are publicly known..

“I’m a contributor to code development and have opened an unofficial community on Discord, but that’s about it. Nothing more. I don’t even own the GitHub repository. I am grateful to the new community for their swift action to protect non-anonymous contributors from legal threats, ”he wrote..

Brave founder Brendan Eich previously warned that all trademark rights belong to his company. The developers of the fork listened and decided to name their project “Braver”, but this did not save them from the claims of the creators of the original project.

“In light of legal threats against one of our community members, we are immediately changing the name and removing all references to ‘a browser that cannot be named’”, wrote the developers of the fork.

The creators of Brave threaten with legal consequences ...

The new name of the fork is “Bold”. The styling of the logo has also been changed to be less like the Brave logo. This is expected to help avoid further claims under the law prohibiting the use of “similar trademarks for similar goods or services.”.

The decision to launch Braver was made after the discovery of a hidden feature in Brave that substituted referral links on some pages. “You raise $ 35 million on a dubious ICO to launch a useless token and you can’t even create a decent product to not automatically change URLs to your referral links. And then you threaten the opensource developers, ”wrote a commentator at WhalePanda.