Sony develops blockchain platform to manage …

Sony develops blockchain platform for managing written works rights

Japanese tech corporation Sony has announced the development of a blockchain-based extension for its digital rights management system. The project is a joint venture between Sony Music Entertainment Japan and Sony Global Education.

The initiative has not yet received a name, and the question of its commercial use is currently being resolved. According to Sony, it will allow “the management of written rights-related information.”.

About a year ago, Sony announced the creation of a stand-alone blockchain product for education data management in partnership with IBM. According to today’s press release, the new system uses lessons from the past, obtained in the process of creating a system for “authentication, transfer and management of data rights in education, as well as additional functionality for processing rights-related information.”.

“Advances in digital content creation technology enable anyone to distribute and transmit content,” writes Sony. “But rights to this content are still managed in a traditional way by organizations or creators themselves, which creates a need for a more efficient way to manage and demonstrate ownership of such information in the context of written works.”.

The company does not specify which blockchain is used in the project. She describes her technology as a method of “recording verifiable information, making it difficult to falsify”.

Sony develops blockchain platform to manage ...

“The Sony Group is also looking at innovative ways to use blockchain technology to manage information and distribute data across a wide range of other industries,” the publication said..

In April, Sony filed a patent application for using blockchain to protect copyright.