Samsung has confirmed the availability of a crypto wallet …

Samsung confirms the presence of a crypto-wallet in the Galaxy S10 smartphone

The South Korean corporation Samsung on Wednesday unveiled the long-awaited Galaxy S10 smartphone, confirming the information that appeared earlier on the network about the presence of a cryptocurrency wallet in the device.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 supports Samsung Knox, which allows you to use hardware to store private keys. Developers will be able to create software shells to interact with the hardware of the device, and users can use them to store cryptocurrencies.

“The Galaxy S10 is equipped with a hardware-based Samsung Knox secure vault that allows you to store your private keys for mobile services using the blockchain,” the announcement says..

Whether users will get access to a full-fledged shell for working with cryptocurrencies from Samsung itself is unknown. Previously, photos appeared on the network showing the ability to work with Ethereum.

Samsung Galaxy S10 uses Exynos 9820 chip with Physically Non-Cloning Function (PUF) technology, which IT expert Han Hoyon says makes it ideal for working with cryptocurrency wallets..

Samsung has confirmed the availability of a crypto wallet ...

“PUF technology has been added to the Exynos 9820 chip announced by Samsung Electronics last year. If a cryptocurrency wallet is introduced in the Galaxy S10, the likelihood that Samsung Electronics will use PUF is very high, ”he said earlier. In particular, the use of PUF in the Exynos 9820 makes storing private keys significantly more secure than alternatives offered by other mobile crypto wallets..

Earlier, HTC and Sirin Labs made attempts to promote their devices among cryptocurrency holders. Samsung, however, is by far the largest mobile phone manufacturer to officially confirm blockchain support, potentially making the technology available to a wider user base. Unlike Samsung, which will obviously distribute the S10 in all available ways, HTC plans to sell EXODUS 1 for Bitcoin and Ether, and Sirin Labs plans to sell its Finney smartphone for its own Sirin tokens..

Samsung has confirmed the availability of a crypto wallet ...