Pablo Escobar’s brother is raising money to impeach Trump …

Pablo Escobar’s brother raises money to impeach Trump with his own stablecoin

The brother of the murdered Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar launched his own cryptocurrency to organize the impeachment of US President Donald Trump after the GoFundMe platform did not allow him to raise funds for this purpose, writes The Next Web.

Information about the ESCOBAR token issued by Roberto Escobar on the Ethereum blockchain as a stablecoin pegged to the US dollar has been disclosed on

“The token is being launched as a fundraising tool for the Impeach Trump Fund after the GoFundMe campaign was closed and censored. Cryptocurrencies are eliminating borders that could be censored! ” – says on the project website.

ESCOBAR is currently available in the amount of 200 million tokens in the pre-sale mode, which will last until May 10. In total, Escobar expects to sell 1 billion tokens, according to the white paper. According to the information on the website, in June the token will be available for redemption in US dollars through a Belize company.

CEO Escobar Inc. Olof Gustafsson revealed that they intended to raise $ 50 million for GoFundMe through a campaign called “ByeByeTrump”. After the platform did not allow them to do this, they immediately decided to issue a cryptocurrency token..

Pablo Escobar's brother is raising money to impeach Trump ...

“After raising $ 10 million in just 10 hours, we lost access to GoFundMe and within 24 hours launched the cryptocurrency stablecoin ESCOBAR to avoid re-censoring. We believe that our campaign was closed by President Trump or his administration, ”Gustafsson said..

On another website, also dedicated to Trump’s impeachment, Roberto Escobar is directly named the former co-founder of the Medellin cartel along with Pablo, “where Roberto served as an accountant responsible for accounting for more than $ 100 billion in profits.”.

Escobar Inc. in March of last year already made an attempt to release a cryptocurrency called Diet Bitcoin, but the initiative, apparently, failed.

Pablo Escobar's brother is raising money to impeach Trump ...