Overstock-sponsored crypto wallet Bitsy opens …

Overstock Sponsored Crypto Wallet Bitsy Opens For Public Testing

Sponsored by online retailer Overstock.com, startup Bitsy has announced that it is ready to provide public access to its cryptocurrency exchange and wallet in beta starting Monday, November 12. According to a press release, “the new Bitsy app platform creates an incredibly simple, secure and user-centric bridge between bitcoin and the US dollar.”.

During the beta phase, users will be able to download the Bitsy app from the App Store and Google Play to safely buy, transfer or store bitcoins. The company notes that Bitsy users are given full control over their assets and the ability to transfer funds directly. In addition, the app contains an innovative account recovery system that will allow users to regain access to their funds if necessary..

“Few people understand that conventional bitcoin wallets do not allow users to own the bitcoins they purchase. The wallet provider owns their bitcoins and gives the client the right to claim them, which in turn is forced to trust the corporation. This leads to the fact that all sense of using cryptocurrencies is lost, – said Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com. – Bitsy wallet, on the other hand, allows users to own their assets without the risk of losing their keys. We are delighted to continue to explore the crypto space and integrate Bitsy technology at Overstock.com to offer the opportunity to buy Bitcoin directly on our retail-focused site in the first half of 2019. “.

Overstock-sponsored crypto wallet Bitsy opens ...

According to CEO of Bitsy.com, the full launch of the application will take place in the first quarter of next year..

The development of the Bitsy crypto wallet aimed at novice users became known in mid-September. It is assumed that its main purpose will be settlements between individuals, but the company does not exclude that in the future it may realize the possibility of paying for goods and services..