Nikiforov: Russia needs a “crypto-ruble” on its own …

Nikiforov: Russia needs a “crypto-ruble” on its own cryptography

Minister of Communications and Mass Media Nikolai Nikiforov spoke at a closed meeting with members of the Moscow Capital Club, where he spoke about the future of the digital economy in Russia, including in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Write about this “Arguments and Facts”.

According to Nikiforov, blockchain technology will find application in a wide variety of areas. As an example, he pointed to the possibility of transferring the register of real estate objects to the blockchain.

After that, he went directly to the topic of cryptocurrencies, stressing that at a recent meeting, the President of the Russian Federation outlined a number of risks associated with cryptocurrencies.

“This tool can be used for a large number of bad deeds – tax evasion, terrorist financing, money laundering,” Nikiforov said..

The minister noted that tools are already under development that will allow to take advantage of the technology, while at the same time avoiding risks, and will use their own cryptography. It is assumed that such an instrument will be clearly inscribed in the legal framework of the country, including in the field of taxation of transactions with its use. Buying and selling new digital currency will be taxed at 13% on the difference earned. In addition, tax will be levied on all assets whose origin cannot be explained by their owner..

Nikiforov: Russia needs a 'crypto-ruble' on its own ...

“But the tool itself – let’s call it the” crypto-ruble “- is necessary and appropriate in the Russian economy,” the minister said..

Nikiforov explained that the “crypto-ruble” may appear in the near future. It is expected that the volume of digital currency emission will be regulated by the issuer itself, and it will be impossible to mine it.

Recall that this Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin held a meeting on the topic of cryptocurrencies, where he expressed his fears about the risks that cryptocurrencies carry, after which Finance Minister Anton Siluanov announced that control over the emission and circulation of cryptocurrencies could be introduced by the state level.