NASA Researchers Leverage Ethereum Blockchain To …

NASA Researchers Leverage Ethereum Blockchain To Control Spacecraft

The NASA-funded research project intends to use Ethereum smart contract technology to automate the maneuvering of aircraft to avoid collisions with space debris. Information about this was posted on the website of the University of Akron.

The research project, “The Resilient Networking and Computing Model,” is led by Dr. Jin Wei Koksis, an assistant professor specializing in computer science. Coxis received a three-year grant of $ 330,000. She intends to use it to develop a cognitive architecture that will allow aircraft to travel through space without relying on critical data from scientists from Earth..

Instead, smart contracts based on Ethereum will help them “think for themselves” in the process of detecting and evading space debris that could cause serious damage to the device in the event of a collision..

“In this project, Ethereum technology will be used to develop a decentralized, secure and cognitive networking and computing infrastructure for deep space exploration. The blockchain consensus protocols will be used in the future to increase the resiliency of the infrastructure, ”explained Koksis.

Koksis expects that decentralized infrastructure will, among other things, help automate data collection, which in turn will free up human resources currently performing complex calculations during flights and throw them into data analysis..

NASA Researchers Leverage Ethereum Blockchain To ...

“I look forward to developing technology that can recognize and avoid threats in the environment, as well as automatically perform a number of tasks,” she explained..

Whether the project will use a public or private version of the Ethereum blockchain is unknown.