John McAfee called for a boycott of the HitBTC exchange: “They …

John McAfee called for boycott of HitBTC exchange: “They are killing people”

John McAfee, founder of antivirus software company McAfee and a well-known figure in the cryptocurrency space with a controversial reputation, declared war on the HitBTC exchange last week. Writes about it CCN.

“Cryptocurrency exchanges have become what we initially fought against. Their power is limitless. HitBTC, for example, has exacerbated the suffering of millions of poor people who cannot afford the minimum contribution because it exceeds their monthly earnings, ”McAfee wrote on Twitter. “Boycott Them”.

Apparently, McAfee is referring to the high fees charged by HitBTC for withdrawing assets, but his message is not specific. However, he promises to remain HitBTC’s “worst enemy” until the exchange takes vague measures to resolve the undefined issue..

HitBTC posted an official response on Saturday in which it thanked McAfee for taking the “discussion to another level” and highlighted the principles she adheres to when calculating fees. The exchange invited McAfee to provide advice on how to implement an “algorithmic solution” that will allow its fees to change along with the prices of digital assets..

John McAfee called for a boycott of the HitBTC exchange: “They ...

However, McAfee was not impressed by this answer: “Your algorithm killed an unknown number of people. Tell me what algorithm can compensate for these deaths. You are chasing Docademic for no reason. What have they done to you? Docademic deserves your highest priority for all your past violations. “.

While McAfee gives the appearance of acting on behalf of the community, his latest posts suggest that he is advocating for a very specific group. For several weeks, he has been promoting the Docademic ICO token through his Twitter and even claimed that its price could rise to $ 10 by the next year, thus increasing 20 times from today’s levels. Whether McAfee gets paid to fight HitBTC is unknown, but he previously reported that he invested in the Docademic ICO.