Hackers hacked into John McAfee’s Twitter account and made a joke …

Hackers hacked John McAfee Twitter account and made fun of the owners of trading bots

Ironically, cybersecurity expert John McAfee’s Twitter account was hacked this night.

Previously, McAfee posted trading recommendations on his Twitter on a daily basis, which each time turned into an instant pump and the subsequent sale of the named cryptocurrencies and even led to the creation of trading bots that scan McAfee’s page and immediately buy the coins that appear there..

Hackers who got access to McAfee’s account, which has half a million subscribers, posted recommendations on trading on his behalf. With a few minutes apart, they gave signals to buy Basic Attention Token (BAT), Nxt (NXT), Siacoin (SC) and Patientory (PTOY). All 4 cryptocurrencies experienced a short-term pump, after which they fell below the levels at which they were traded before..

After some time, McAfee discovered that something was wrong with his Twitter account and wrote: “Urgent: My account has been hacked. Twitter has already been notified. It was not me who posted the Coin of the Day recommendations. As you know, I don’t post coins of the day anymore !!! “

Hackers hacked into John McAfee's Twitter account and made fun of ...

After that, in an attempt to justify himself, McAfee clarified, “Although I am a security expert, I am not responsible for the security of Twitter. I have haters. I am the target. People make fake accounts, fake screenshots, fake statements. I am a target for hackers who have lost money and blame me for it. Please take responsibility for yourself. Admission only for adults “.

This incident once again confirms that a variety of unexpected events can occur in the unregulated cryptocurrency market, and traders who use technical solutions in an attempt to extract short-term profit may be the losers..

Hackers hacked into John McAfee's Twitter account and made a joke ...