Gate.IO Exchange Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency …

Gate.IO Exchange Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency Wallet

Cryptocurrency exchange Gate.IO this Thursday announced the launch of a new cryptocurrency wallet Wallet.IO supporting a wide range of assets.

The company claims that “the platform protects users’ funds and guarantees their safe storage in the same way as the banking system does, using multiple levels of verification, such as 2FA and Google Authenticator”.

The developers also note that Wallet.IO is able to synchronize user data on any devices and allows you to automatically log into accounts from them..

Wallet.IO “supports hundreds of popular coins”, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, as well as all EOS network tokens, QRC-20 of the QTUM network, ERC-20 of the Ethereum network and NEP-5 of the NEO network.

The wallet is not suitable for working with cryptocurrencies such as BTS, GXS, since they require independent accounts, however, the developers promise to implement their support in the future, as well as with NEO network tokens other than the NEP-5 standard and XLM network tokens, such like MOBIs as they require additional authorization.

To gain access to the wallet, users are invited to use their existing accounts on the Gate.IO exchange.

Gate.IO Exchange Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency ...

“We launched Wallet.IO to help users meet our asset safekeeping requirements. We recommend that you keep only the amount you need for trading on the platform, and transfer the rest of the funds to a secure wallet, ”said Virgilio Lizardo, Vice President of International Relations at Gate.IO.

According to CoinMarketCap, Gate.IO is currently the 31st largest cryptocurrency exchange with a daily trading volume of $ 96 million..

Earlier it became known that hackers tried to attack the crypto exchange by hacking the web analytics service, but it disabled the vulnerable script.

Gate.IO Exchange Launches Its Own Cryptocurrency ...