Ex-managers of Block.one have founded a blockchain project …

Ex-managers of Block.one founded the StrongBlock blockchain project

Four early employees and two freelancers left Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency firm Block.one to start their own blockchain project called StrongBlock. Writes about this CoinDesk.

David Moss, Thomas Cox, Brian Abramson and Corey Lederer were the second, third, fourth and fifth employees hired by the decentralized operating system and application environment company EOS, which it raised $ 4 billion to create in a year-long initial coin offering. (ICO).

At Block.one, Moss served as Senior VP of Technology Operations, Cox as VP Product, Abramson as VP of Infrastructure, Lederer as Senior Director of Technology Products..

Top executives joined Block.one last year: Moss and Cox in August, Abramson and Lederer in September. In addition to them, John Eric-Cook and Michael Mason, who were freelance developers and began working on EOS in the spring, refused to cooperate with Block.one..

According to LinkedIn, Abramson, Lederer, Cook and Mason left Block.one this summer. Moss left in May, that is, a month before the launch of the main EOS network..

“We left because we saw a need for a blockchain marketplace that Block.one had no intention of doing,” said one former Block.one employee, refusing to expand on StrongBlock strategy..

Ex-managers of Block.one have founded a blockchain project ...

At the Global Media Blockchain Summit in Los Angeles last month, Moss, who became CEO of StrongBlock, said, “EOS will be the 787, while StrongBlock will be the 787’s custom-made factory.” At the same time, he showed an image of two Boeing 787 aircraft located inside the hangar..

Former Block.one employees founded StrongBlock in July with EOS management specialist Branden Espinoza. StrongBlock is currently working in stealth mode and has no plans to release its product anytime soon..

The departure of top managers from Block.one caused a gap in the company’s management team.

Ex-managers of Block.one have founded a blockchain project ...