European-regulated bank Frick will create a platform …

Frick, a European regulated bank, to create a cryptocurrency trading platform

Liechtenstein bank Frick intends to provide its clients with the ability to trade cryptocurrencies through its own division DLT Markets.

DLT Markets will provide the trading infrastructure needed to gain access to cryptocurrency markets, according to the bank. At the same time, a custodian solution will be created that allows clients trading on the bank’s platform to store their cryptocurrency assets.

“We are creating a unique market offering for institutional investors in a new asset class,” said Roger Würzel, CEO of DLT Markets. “Using a fully regulated platform, we bring professionalism to digital token and cryptocurrency trading.”.

DLT Markets, which was announced just this week, is already working with its owner to provide trading services, the announcement says..

Würzel, who heads the bank’s new division, has extensive experience in the financial services industry. Before taking up his current position, he spent over 20 years at Deutsche Bank in positions related to securities and derivatives trading..

European regulated bank Frick will create a platform ...

DLT Markets claims that through its offering, “institutional clients will have automated access to multiple exchanges without sacrificing the convenience” they are accustomed to when dealing with a regulated European bank..

Frick recently announced the creation of Distributed Ventures AG, a division dedicated to promoting and funding blockchain startups. DLT Markets is expected to be a logical continuation of this initiative.

“With the creation of DLT Markets AG, we are strengthening our position in regulated blockchain banking. Our division provides institutional clients with a unique combination of a fintech company and an EU regulated bank. Trading and securing digital assets in our case go hand in hand – as in the traditional securities business, ”explained Frick CEO Edi Weegerer.

European-regulated bank Frick will create a platform ...