Ethereum nodes spike ahead of launch …

Ethereum Nodes Surge Ahead Of Staking Launch

Several thousand new nodes have joined the Ethereum network in recent days. As a result, by this Monday their number reached 11,170 – one of the largest values ​​in the history of cryptocurrency..

Back on November 15, the total number of Ethereum nodes was about 8,000, and in early August it dropped to 5,000.

According to Trustnodes, the most likely reason for the observed phenomenon is the activity of Ethereum 2.0 stakers, who tomorrow will be given the long-awaited opportunity to join the new blockchain on the Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism. The staker must have at least one node in each of the networks.

Currently, Ethereum 2.0 expects about 21,000 validators to connect, but one staker can have several validators, so the growth in the number of nodes turned out to be less than this number. Thus, we can predict that about 10 validators will be under the control of an average node. Data on the number of nodes in Ethereum 2.0 is currently not available.

Ethereum nodes spike ahead of launch ...

As the operator of the Etherchain mining pool, Bitfly, notes, against this background, the number of Ethereum nodes has exceeded the same indicator for Bitcoin. However, the dominance turned out to be short-lived, and at the time of publication, bitcoin is again ahead with 11,274 nodes..

Most of the new nodes added to the Ethereum network are “listeners”, that is, they allow incoming connections to be established. Otherwise, it would not be so easy to determine their existence. Miners have long been advised not to use listening nodes. Why stakers behave differently is unclear. There are probably other staker nodes that are not included in the statistics, since they are not public.

One way or another, the upcoming launch of the Proof-of-Stake network is already helping to make the existing Proof-of-Work network more decentralized by connecting new nodes.

Ethereum nodes spike ahead of launch ...