Ethereum blockchain hosts Byzantium hard forkPlanned …

Byzantium hard forked on Ethereum blockchain

The planned update of the second largest blockchain by capitalization officially took place this Monday at 08:22 Moscow time. The Byzantium update includes a number of Ethereum Improvement Protocols (EIPs) to improve network performance and other performance.

The planned update was first presented to the public in 2015 under the name Metropolis in the project roadmap. Byzantium is the first of a two-part major update. The release date of the second part of Constantinople has not yet been set.

The preparation of the update was carried out for several years, which allowed eliminating disagreements between the developers and avoiding serious risks during a hard fork. This is the first large-scale upgrade of Ethereum since its rapid growth in popularity began this year, when cryptocurrency startups began to actively use the Ethereum blockchain to issue ERC20 tokens and distribute them to investors. Note that there are other attempts to increase the network bandwidth..

However, some shortcomings still could not be avoided. A few days before the scheduled date of the hard fork, critical vulnerabilities and bugs were discovered in the main Ethereum clients Geth and Parity, due to which the developers even thought about the possibility of postponing the hard fork to a later date..

According to the Ethernodes website, 65.7% of Geth nodes and 29.4% of Parity nodes currently use problem software. As we reported earlier, these nodes are at risk because they can be successfully attacked with denial of service (DoS) attacks..

Ethereum blockchain hosts Byzantium hard forkPlanned ...

In addition, Parity nodes may separate from the main blockchain due to a bug in the consensus mechanism. Nevertheless, judging by the fork logs, while all the nodes are on the same blockchain.

This news was positively reacted by the Ethereum rate, which in the last 24 hours grew by 2% and approached the level of $ 350.

Ethereum blockchain hosts Byzantium hard forkPlanned ...