Edenchain developers have presented two minimally …

Edenchain Developers Introduce Two Minimum Viable Products On Their Protocol

The developers of the Edenchain blockchain platform, promising to give their users the opportunity to convert any tangible and intangible asset into tokens and freely trade it without the involvement of intermediaries, have presented their first two minimum viable products (MVP).

The first of them turned out to be E-Explorer, which displays information about blocks, batches (groups of transactions) and transactions. Essentially, E-Explorer is a blockchain explorer, with ease of use being cited by developers as its main advantages. E-Explorer provides transparency and accountability of transactions on the blockchain and allows users to check the status and history of transactions.

Unlike traditional blockchain explorers, E-Explorer provides advanced tools to quickly detect transactions that are linked in one way or another, which, according to the project creators, will be appreciated by developers working with their protocol..

The second MVP is a web interface for developers that allows them to manage APIs and namespaces, and is called E-Edge. E-Edge allows you to test APIs and get results quickly without the need to write additional code for this.

Edenchain developers have presented two minimally ...

As the creators of Edenchain note, APIs are at the heart of the platform and allow customers to create solutions on their protocol, having only a basic understanding of the principles of blockchain operation..

In addition, the Edenchain developers announced an additional 500 slots to participate in their crowdfunding campaign, which will be distributed in a lottery order, ending approximately May 15.