Dubai will move land registry to blockchainLand …

Dubai to move land registry to blockchain

Dubai Land Department announces its intention to become “the world’s first government agency to use blockchain technology in its work.” The department is engaged in the registration of property rights in the emirate and is going to transfer its own system to the blockchain within 2-3 years.

Dubai Press Office writes: “The Dubai Lands Department has created a blockchain system using a highly organized secure database that keeps track of all real estate contracts, including leases, and links them to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA), systems telecommunications and other services. The secure electronic blockchain property accounting system includes private tenant bases, including Emirates ID cards and residency visas, and allows tenants to pay bills electronically without having to write checks or print any documents. The whole process is carried out electronically and takes a few minutes. Payment can be made at any time and in any place, which removes the need to visit the relevant institutions in person “.

The initiative is part of the massive Dubai Blockchain Strategy project, which aims to move all government workflows to blockchain by 2020. The launch of the project was announced by Crown Prince of Dubai Hamdan bin Mohammed in October 2016.

Dubai will move land registry to blockchainLand ...

Project Manager Butti ben Mejren said: “The initiative is in its early stages of development. In the near future, an increasing number of structures will switch to blockchain in order to improve the level of customer service. We intend to unite all services working in the field of land ownership and its maintenance into one platform “.

Dubai is one of the most advanced blockchain development centers in the world. The government is going to transfer most of the city’s infrastructure to the blockchain, from the airport to payment systems, and even release its own cryptocurrency.