Digital Badgers and Microsoft Helped Enjin Coin Add …

Digital badgers and Microsoft help Enjin Coin add 60% to value

Blockchain gaming project Enjin has partnered with Microsoft Corporation, which will use its technology to create a reward system for active community members on its cloud platform Azure.

“Microsoft and Enjin have partnered to conduct local trials to create a blockchain recognition program. The Azure Heroes badgers have been tokenized to be converted into a digital asset on the Ethereum blockchain. ”.

Digital badgers are divided into several categories and will be awarded to users who will make a valuable contribution to the development of the community. Like other initiatives of a similar plan, they are represented by non-fungible tokens or NFT tokens..

All awards are issued in limited quantities, as anyone can see by simply referring to the public blockchain:

  • Unifying Leader – 100 pieces;
  • Content Hero – 250
  • Community Hero – 550
  • Mentor – 800 pieces;
  • Creator – 10,000 pieces.
  • Digital Badgers and Microsoft Helped Enjin Coin Add ...

To participate in the program, the user must nominate himself as a “community hero”. Community members identified as significant will receive a unique QR code with an associated digital reward. Asset storage is carried out using Enjin’s own wallet. Subsequently, they can be transferred to any address in the Ethereum blockchain or destroyed.

The program will initially be available to users from a limited range of countries in Western Europe. Some rewards will be released during a certain “season”, which will make them even more rare.

Amid this announcement, the Enjin Coin rate has grown by more than 60%.

Earlier it became known that Enjin became a partner of Samsung Electronics to develop the capabilities of the blockchain wallet of its Galaxy S10 smartphone..