Cryptocurrencies are property that is subject to …

Cryptocurrencies are property subject to the corresponding rights and obligations – Anatoly Aksakov

Anatoly Aksakov, the head of the RF State Duma Committee on the Financial Market, believes that there should not be any benefits for large miners capable of providing surplus heat generated by them for the needs of housing and communal services. He stated this in a conversation with TASS.

According to Aksakov, such miners will be able to sell excess heat, and the income received in this way will be taxed, as well as income received directly from the mining of cryptocurrencies..

“This is normal, this is a business, and they can make money on it,” he said..

He also explained that according to the new bill, cryptocurrencies will qualify as property, which means that all property rights and obligations will apply to them..

In particular, deputies will be required to report on their cryptocurrency savings, although earlier the Ministry of Labor stated that officials are exempt from this obligation, since “the form of reference does not provide for the indication of virtual currencies”.

Cryptocurrencies are property that is subject to ...

Speaking about the possibility of admitting cryptocurrencies to trading, Aksakov mentioned the proposal of the Ministry of Finance, advocating the organization of centralized trading in virtual currencies, in particular, on the Moscow Exchange. The possibility of launching cryptocurrency trading on the St. Petersburg Commodity Exchange is also being considered.

“Although, perhaps, the criteria that the site must meet will simply be spelled out, and then whoever gets there will get there,” Aksakov explained..

Recall that earlier the head of the financial market committee said that legislators are concerned about the possibility of using cryptocurrencies to evade taxes, which, in his opinion, is actively used by many businessmen..

Cryptocurrencies are property that is subject to ...