Crypto-exchange UPbit has confirmed information about the loss …

Crypto exchange UPbit confirmed information about the loss of $ 50 million in Ethereum due to hacking

UPD 12:05 Moscow time: UPbit confirmed information about the hack.

“I, Dunamu CEO Sirgu Lee, apologize for the inconvenience caused. On November 27, 2019, 342,000 ETH were transferred from our hot Ethereum wallet to an unknown wallet, ”the exchange’s blog says.

The rest of the transfers, according to the official statement, were initiated by the company itself to move funds from hot wallets to cold ones. UPbit promises to cover losses of users from its own assets and expects that it will take at least two weeks to fully resume operations on the exchange.

UPD 11:40 Moscow time:
Reporter Joseph Young, referring to “a relatively large local publication,” writes: “A representative for Dunamu (note – the owner of UPbit) reported that the team is verifying information about the hack. After the completion of the internal investigation, the company will make an official statement. “.

South Korean exchange UPbit has suspended the movement of funds through its wallets after it was withdrawn about 60 billion won ($ 50 million) in cryptocurrency, writes local publication Naver.

UPbit has confirmed on its website that it is limiting the input / output of assets due to the need to “check the server”. The media report notes that the exchange did not inform users in advance of plans to transfer funds and carry out technical work..

Crypto-exchange UPbit has confirmed information about the loss ...

The Whale Alert service this morning registered a transfer of 342,000 ETH from UPbit to an unknown wallet. This was followed by several more BTT and TRX transfers. Thus, the total amount of transferred assets exceeded $ 70 million.

According to Naver, the Korean Internet and Security Agency (KISA) is verifying the matter..

Crypto exchange UPbit has confirmed information about the loss ...