Craig Wright notified the court about the receipt of the keys from the wallets …

Craig Wright notifies the court of the receipt of keys from wallets with 1.1 million bitcoins

Crate Wright on Tuesday notified the court that he received data that is supposed to allow him to open access to the 1.1 million BTC, allegedly mined with his business partner Dave Kleiman in the early years of the cryptocurrency..

Craig Wright has filed a Notice of Enforcement for the January 10, 2020 Judgment,” says a document published in the CourtListener database. – In particular, Wright notifies the court that a third party provided him with the necessary information and part of the key to unlock the encrypted file. Wright also provided a list of bitcoin holdings as requested by the judge to the plaintiff today. “.

A file means a document related to a trust that is at the center of the proceedings and, presumably, contains $ 9.6 billion in cryptocurrency in its accounts..

Wright had previously stated that Kleiman had hired a financially responsible courier to deliver the required data to him in early January. In addition, he noted that he could not know for sure whether the courier would really come to him, after which he remained silent until January 14..

Craig Wright notified the court about the receipt of the keys from the wallets ...

Shortly before that, the judge declared the decision on Wright’s transfer of half of the amount to the Clayman family invalid, pointing out, among other things, the lack of reliable information about how many bitcoins Wright owned. She also issued an order according to which, by February 3, Wright had to notify the court about the fate of the “mysterious financially obligated courier.”.

Wright-backed cryptocurrency Bitcoin SV, meanwhile, continues to break records. By the time of publication, its rate exceeded $ 400, which allowed it to widen the gap with Bitcoin Cash, which, as a result of these movements, was shifted to the fifth place in the list of the largest digital assets by capitalization. BSV traded below $ 100 in early January.