Craig Wright asks the court to recognize his Kenyan lawyer …

Craig Wright asks court to declare his Kenyan lawyer real

Australian entrepreneur Craig Wright, who claims to be the one who created Bitcoin, continues a legal battle with the family of his deceased business partner Dave Kleiman. On March 23, he sent a formal protest to the US Magistrate’s Court in connection with the judge’s refusal to recognize his right to confidential communication with a lawyer.

Earlier, Wright said that he would not initiate the court into the reasons for the impossibility of unlocking Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoins, since this information is protected by law. Judge Bruce Rhinehart, however, rejected these arguments, not believing the declaration of Kenyan lawyer Denis Bosire Mayaka, allegedly representing the interests of Wright.

“I refuse to rely on such documents, which could easily be created by anyone with a text editor and a pen,” he said at the time..

Wright, for his part, argues that Rhinehart did not prove the documents were forged and rejected them without reason. The fact that he has forged documents in the past should not affect the decision in this case, Wright added..

“The court rejected Mayaki’s declaration because it previously (in another matter) found that the defendant provided forged documents in this case,” Wright’s petition says..

Craig Wright asks the court to recognize his Kenyan lawyer ...

The plaintiffs, for their part, requested a two-week extension of the disclosure deadline due to the coronavirus pandemic. On March 24, they wrote that this was the reason for “many difficulties associated with meeting the deadlines set before the start of the global pandemic.”.

Their petition stems from the need to question three witnesses, including Jimmy Nguyen, CEO of Wright’s nChain company, whom they still cannot find. Only in the second half of February, they tried to find him at his home address five times. Plaintiffs suggest Nguyen deliberately avoids court attendance and has been actively traveling around the world in recent months..