Coinbase Launches OTC Crypto Platform For …

Coinbase To Launch OTC Crypto Platform For Institutional Investors

The American cryptocurrency company Coinbase has confirmed the information that appeared earlier on the network that it will open an over-the-counter (OTC) trading platform for institutional clients in response to requests from the latter. Coinbase Institutional Sales Director Christine Sandler announced this in an interview with Cheddar.

According to Sandler, the OTC platform will be an add-on to the company’s main exchange, which may seem especially convenient for those who want to use it to enter the world of cryptocurrency trading..

“We thought it would be a great advantage for our clients to be able to exchange and participate in OTC trading. We work only with organizations and plan to expand our offer to include deferred settlements and, possibly, a custodian solution, “she explained..

Sandler also mentioned other companies that provide a similar service, including Circle and Genesis, noting that today there are many opportunities for starting such a business, and in this case Coinbase only responds to the needs of its customers..

In addition, she spoke about the custodian division of her company, noting that their services are used by persons who manage the assets of third-party investors and help attract potential partners..

Coinbase Launches OTC Crypto Platform For ...

“We found that a lot of institutional clients have the capacity to attract deposit partners outside. Therefore, these asset managers, in fact, represent our potential partners, “she said..

Commenting on the unfavorable market situation, Sandler said their “crypto-focused clients” are showing resilience and continue to believe in the future of technology..

“All this volatility has one small advantage. It lies in the fact that over the past weeks, popular financial publications have been writing about cryptocurrencies. I think this is forcing a lot of institutions to consider investing in this asset class at this stage, ”suggested Sandler..