CEO MicroStrategy: We can liquidate …

CEO MicroStrategy: We can liquidate our Bitcoin assets at any time

Michael Sailor, CEO of MicroStrategy, which has invested $ 425 million in bitcoin over the past two months, said they can liquidate their crypto assets at any time..

“We can eliminate them any day of the week, at any hour. If I need to liquidate $ 200 million in Bitcoin, I can do so on Saturday. If I go to decrease, I think it will be 2%, “he said in a conversation with Bloomberg.

At the same time, Sailor emphasized that in the context of the course taken by the US Federal Reserve System to increase inflation, Bitcoin seemed to them the best solution. “We are quite confident that holding Bitcoin is less risky than traditional currency and gold,” he explained..

Before the onset of the crisis, MicroStrategy held about $ 500 million in short-term government securities. Sailor began to question the feasibility of such a strategy against the backdrop of declining investment returns. According to his estimates, asset inflation will exceed 20% per year, which will sharply affect their purchasing power..

MicroStrategy invested some of the money in share buybacks and started looking at real estate investments, but found that the commercial market had gone through a dramatic change. Gold continues to be mined, while Bitcoin is limited, he added..

CEO MicroStrategy: We can liquidate ...

Investing in bitcoin MicroStrategy turned out to be easier than other public companies, since 73% of the vote and almost a quarter of the shares are concentrated in the hands of Sailor. However, the CEO expects other market participants to follow suit within three to six months. “Perhaps at first these will be closed companies, because they are less conservative. Then our public and mid-sized companies will come, ”he said..

Sailor said 10 other major shareholders supported his idea to buy bitcoin. “Volatility is not a reason to sell. Now this is the only instrument with positive real profitability that we have managed to find, “he added..