Bitstamp will increase performance by a factor of 1,250 with …

Bitstamp Increases Performance By 1,250x With Nasdaq Order Matching Engine

Bitstamp, one of the oldest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has announced the integration of a new trading engine from Market Technology, a technology solution provider for Nasdaq. According to the announcement, this makes Bitstamp “the first major exchange to support fiat and digital currencies, with an engine on par with traditional financial exchanges.”.

Bitstamp claims it will be able to handle a large number of requests during spikes in trading volumes..

“With the new engine, orders are matched as they are opened and are not included in the waiting list. Clients can know for sure that their order has been placed and will be quickly executed. Otherwise, they will receive a notification that their application cannot be matched at this time. This is a significant advantage for high-frequency and institutional traders who have to make decisions in a split second, ”adds the exchange..

Announcement of congratulations from Bitstamp exchange on NASDAQ MarketSite interactive panel in New York Image: @NasdaqTech

Bitstamp will increase performance by a factor of 1,250 with ...

The new engine will allow Bitstamp to match orders 1,250 times faster than the previous system and will increase its throughput by 400 times. The company notes that the previous solution was already fast enough for the average investor, and the changes will be primarily noticed by high-frequency traders. It will also allow her to more efficiently add new order types and trading pairs..

“By upgrading its technology with a scalable and reliable solution from Nasdaq, Bitstamp will be able to continue to improve performance and resilience,” said Andy Green, vice president of Nasdaq Market Technology. – We intend to support Bitstamp on the path of growth and technological development “.

Bitstamp will increase performance by a factor of 1,250 with ...