Bitcoin rate rose above $ 4 100, capitalization …

Bitcoin price rose above $ 4,100, crypto market capitalization – $ 140 billion

The bitcoin rate made a leap to new heights of the current year on Saturday evening, rising above $ 4 100.

After rising by $ 300 at the beginning of the week for several days, the leading cryptocurrency held below the psychologically significant level of $ 4,000, while trading volumes began to decline, which caused some analysts to wonder about the possibility of consolidation before the next market move.

Today’s leap, however, occurred against the backdrop of resumption of traders’ activity – trading volumes for the segment as a whole amounted to $ 27 billion, starting the day at about $ 22 billion. On Tuesday, the figure exceeded $ 34 billion, thus updating the maximum of the last 300 days. On the same day, record values ​​were recorded in the Bitcoin futures market of the CME exchange.

Along with Bitcoin, other major cryptocurrencies are also growing. Thus, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and EOS rose by 6%, Cardano – by 5%, Litecoin – by 4%. Segment capitalization exceeded $ 140 billion for the first time since the beginning of the year.

Bitcoin rate rose above $ 4,100, capitalization ...

The MakerDAO token is also noteworthy – it grew by 10%, which allowed it to take the sixteenth line in the CoinMarketCap list and update its own maximum in relation to Bitcoin and Ethereum. The rise in the price of an asset of a decentralized organization occurs against the background of a gradual increase in the capitalization of the stablecoin it issued Dai, which finds its user, despite the doubts of skeptics.

“The conventional wisdom is that if Bitcoin can rise above $ 4,400, it will usher in a bull market. Higher lows combined with higher highs do not signal the end of the bear market. I expect the rate to fluctuate until the $ 6,000 level is passed, ”says popular Twitter analyst DonAlt.

Bitcoin rate rose above $ 4 100, capitalization ...