Bitcoin Platinum is a scam coin created by a Korean …

Bitcoin Platinum is a scam coin created by a Korean teenager

South Korean investors had to meet with another scammer in the cryptocurrency market. This time, a teenager who created and actively promoted a scam coin called Bitcoin Platinum tried to use their assets to his advantage..

According to Cointelegraph, Bitcoin Platinum was presented by its creator as a hard fork of bitcoin, which was supposed to happen on block 498 577. According to him, the project enlisted the support of miners, developers and investors, although no specific names or company names were given. Otherwise, Bitcoin Platinum was a complete copy of Bitcoin Cash. He, like the most famous fork of the largest cryptocurrency, pursued “the original idea of ​​Satoshi and was a decentralized electronic money”.

On December 10, messages written in an extremely informal language began to appear on Twitter Bitcoin Platinum, the content of which made potential investors even more wary.

“Shorting Bitcoin is very good,” writes the Bitcoin Platinum developer. “Don’t listen to those who say buy bitcoin, it’s better to short bitcoin”.

Thus, the goal of the author of the project, obviously, was to reduce the price of bitcoin by issuing a hard fork and deliberate pressure on the cryptocurrency market.

JoongAng and other South Korean media have established that a teenager is behind the Bitcoin Platinum project, who thus tried to make money from the fall in the cryptocurrency rate.

Later, the author of the project himself wrote on Twitter that Bitcoin Platinum was originally a fraudulent scheme..

Bitcoin Platinum is a scam coin created by a Korean ...

“Please forgive me. Bitcoin Platinum is a scam coin. I created this project to earn 5 million won ($ 4,600) “.

Recall that a group of scammers was arrested in November in South Korea, promising to invest their clients’ money in bitcoin. In fact, money was not invested in cryptocurrencies, and the scheme itself was a financial pyramid.

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Bitcoin Platinum is a scam coin created by the Korean ...