Binance will provide lifetime VIP accounts to users …

Binance Will Provide Lifetime VIP Accounts to Users Affected by Data Leaks

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance this Friday published an update regarding the user data leak, which became known in early August.

Binance notes that over the past weeks, its security team has been actively searching for the source of the leak “KYC images, similar to Binance KYC images, which were released by an unidentified hacker.”.

“The latest evidence we have found suggests that some of the published images match images that were processed by a third-party service provider. Binance has resorted to his help several times from the beginning of December 2017 to the end of February 2018, “the exchange writes..

At the same time, many altered images were identified that do not match the images in the Binance database. Binance tagged photos when processed to identify users, not shown in images.

“We use robust measures to protect customers’ assets and information, including an updated verification system and AI-based facial recognition, which were launched in 2018, and we store and index KYC data using advanced data protection technology, redesigned in 2019 “, – assures Binance.

Binance will provide lifetime VIP accounts to users ...

The company also claims to actively contact all potential victims to inform them of the necessary data protection measures. Specifically, she recommends that affected users obtain new documents in their regions..

As compensation, such users will be provided with a lifetime VIP account, which includes “preferential commission rates, support and other services.” In addition, the exchange encourages affected users to contact it through the support service to resolve issues related to damages..