Binance spoke about the reasons for the outages in the platform …

Binance spoke about the reasons for the outages in the platform last week

Binance cryptocurrency exchange CEO Changpeng Zhao this Monday presented a detailed report on the platform performance issues that users faced in the past week..

“The difference between $ 10,000 before and now is that we now have a lot more users. Although this is a sign of a confident recovery in the crypto market, our systems are under serious stress, “he writes..

The exchange identifies two main problems that have been observed over the past days. For example, the user interface displayed the messages “Too many requests”, “Internal error 5xx” and “API call timed out.” They were associated with very rapid overloading of the middle-tier service, which was compounded by repeated and repeated user requests. A short-term solution has been implemented and the team is implementing a larger fix in the coming days.

In addition, users may have noticed delays in updating market data, order books and account balances. As the exchange explains, one of the message brokers, usually processing more than 2.5 GB of data per second, suddenly cut the bandwidth by 100 times, which was one of the reasons for the observed phenomenon. Restarting the system made it possible to eliminate the manifestations of the problem at that moment, a mid-term solution is being prepared. It is expected to increase the ultimate throughput of a component by a factor of 10. A long-term solution is also being worked out.

Binance spoke about the reasons for the outages in the platform ...

“In general, we launched many features during the bear market and tested them like crazy, but we could not always get close to real conditions, where there are tens of millions of users from all over the world,” writes Zhao, adding that all this solvable problems, but not excluding the possibility of unforeseen errors in the future.

“If you feel unfair because of a recent issue on, please contact support with a detailed description of what happened,” he recommends..