Binance lost domain name dispute to florist …

Binance Lost Domain Name Dispute to Australian Florist

Binance cryptocurrency exchange lost the dispute over the domain name of the Australian company Binancé Flowers, which specializes in selling flowers, writes Decrypt.

Binance filed a claim with the company in mid-April, noting that its trademark has been registered in Australia since November 21, 2018, while the florist registered the domain name on October 27, 2019. However, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), which deals with such disputes, declined to support the exchange’s position, and sample bouquets are still presented on

What is noteworthy is that after switching to the “Basket” the user is immediately thanked for the purchase, even without giving the opportunity to pay for the order. The same positions are found on eBay and Etsy, but at a much lower price, WIPO notes.

The director of the company, a certain “Mr. Navodich”, is also the owner of a digital marketing business. In addition, he works for World Bookings as a “blockchain / decentralized exchange researcher” where he focuses on “creating projects in the blockchain and cryptocurrency space.”.

“The question arises as to why a digital marketing business owner should be involved in flower delivery. Experts remember the meme “On the Internet, no one knows that you are a dog,” WIPO writes.

Binance Lost Domain Name Dispute To Florist ...

Navodich claims that he decided to name his company “Binancé”, because translated from French it means “balanced”, and “binancé flowers” – “pair flowers”. This explains the presence of the “é” symbol in the name, which appeared in it less than a week after the start of the proceedings with the crypto exchange. Navodich linked problems in the work of the website with difficulties amid the coronavirus pandemic.

WIPO dismissed Binance’s claim on the grounds that the exchange failed to demonstrate why the defendant had no right or legitimate interest to use the said domain name.