Binance Labs has invested in decentralized content …

Binance Labs Invests in Contentos Decentralized Content Platform

Decentralized global content ecosystem Contentos has received a multi-million dollar investment from Binance Labs, a division of one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume.

“The idea for Contentos came to me when I noticed a serious need for a decentralized content ecosystem that provides transparency and fair ways to monetize content without censoring or deleting content by third parties,” said Contentos co-founder Mick Tsai..

He also noted that his company is pleased to attract investment from Binance that will help it achieve its goal of “transforming storage and monetization of digital content” and creating a blockchain ecosystem “for all content producers, influencers and consumers.”.

According to Tsai, Binance Labs is widely known for its participation and funding of promising blockchain projects that impact society in various fields..

Ella Zhang, CEO of Binance Labs, said: “We are committed to identifying real-world use cases for blockchain technology. There are obvious problems in the content creation industry that need to be addressed. We believe the Contentos team has the critical resources to do this. “.

Binance Labs has invested in decentralized content ...

Zhang explained that by providing funding and collaboration, Binance Labs wants to support the leading entrepreneurs in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and help them bring their ideas to life. In August, Binance Labs launched a 10-week incubation program for early stage startups, providing support, funding and other services..

Tsai said that his startup attracted funding from Binance Labs against the background of the conclusion of agreements with the NEO Foundation and Ontology. Through cooperation with Neo Global Capital, Contentos will have the opportunity to explore new technological opportunities that will expand the functionality of its platform, and Ontology will share with the startup its knowledge and experience in the field of blockchain use cases, community shaping and research.