Binance CEO: We will launch our own blockchain within …

Binance CEO: We will launch our own blockchain in a couple of months

This Tuesday, Forbes hosted a Forbes event called “Decrypting Blockchain for Business” in Singapore, attracting the “130 richest and most influential people in Asia” interested in applying distributed ledger technology in the context of digital assets and especially beyond..

In addition to representatives of the traditional finance sector, the conference was attended by several prominent figures of the cryptocurrency space, namely the founder of the BTC China exchange Bobby Lee and the founder of Binance Changpeng Zhao.

Zhao talked about his company’s plans and his own vision of the future in which cryptocurrencies will play an important role. “By and large, I would like to see the spread of cryptocurrencies as a payment instrument,” he said. – This is the original idea, but for some reason it does not work yet. Therefore, we are making every effort to implement it “.

In addition, Zhao touched upon the topic of his exchange’s own blockchain called Binance Chain, which, among other things, will allow to issue tokens and conduct ICOs. “We will launch Binance Chain very soon, in a couple of months or so, and then you can issue tokens. I believe there will be millions of coins and thousands of blockchains, “Michael del Castillo, author of the original Forbes article, quotes Zhao on his Twitter, which for unknown reasons was not included in the main story..

Binance CEO: We will launch our own blockchain within ...

At the same time, Zhao did not comment on plans to launch a decentralized exchange, which will be based on Binance Chain..

Also at the event was the co-founder of blockchain startup Bloq Matthew Roszak, who spoke about investment opportunities in the cryptocurrency sector at the moment..

“The excitement grows into pragmatism, but we are not losing the driving force. Now is a good time when you can think about your own strategy and attitude towards this space, “he said..

Binance CEO: We will launch our own blockchain within ...