Baidu Launches Blockchain Game Similar To CryptoKittiesChinese …

Baidu Launches Blockchain Game Similar To CryptoKitties

Chinese search engine Baidu Unveils CryptoKitties Similar Service As Part Of Blockchain Program.

The service is called “Leci Gou” or “Pet Chain” and allows users to develop and trade / sell digital puppies by recording all their actions on the blockchain. It is not yet clear whether Baidu is using the public blockchain of any popular cryptocurrency for this purpose or its own development..

The site contains a variety of digital puppies, differing in appearance and price. In addition, each puppy has its own rarity score. Users with a Baidu account can take one Crypto Puppy and get 1,000 points for free, which can be used to trade with other users in the future..

In many respects, Leci Gou resembles the successful CryptoKitties game, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain and has repeatedly overloaded the cryptocurrency network. After the advent of CryptoKitties, a whole series of blockchain games were released, for example Etheremon.

Baidu Launches Blockchain Game Similar To CryptoKittiesChinese ...

Leci Gou was developed by Baidu’s own blockchain development team, who are also involved in the creation of projects of the Hyperledger blockchain consortium.

According to Chinese portals and Leiphone, Baidu said the project is already available to the public, but the testing phase is not over yet..

Note that this is not Baidu’s first blockchain product. In January, the company introduced its own blockchain as a service (BaaS) platform.